22 – 31 January 2021
Tanjong Pagar Distripark

Timeless Treasures

22 January 2021 - 30 January 2021


ARTPODIUM and Art Magnum are presenting an impressive exhibition of artworks by prominent pioneers of modern art movements in India. The show titled ‘Timeless Treasures’ showcases the vibrant aesthetics and artistic capabilities that emerged in the country as it transitioned from British colonial rule to becoming an independent modern nation.

As India grappled with its new status of a sovereign nation, these artist started a movement to develop their own language – a powerful combination of the indigenous history and the rich cultural heritage of India. As the name suggests the artwork on display are truly timeless and would appeal to all sections of the art fraternity.

The works on display is an eclectic mix of different artistic mediums and expressions. The show has brought together over 50 artworks sourced from private collectors across the world and from some of the artists themselves. They include paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures by modern masters and most of these works have either been published or have been authenticated by experts and are of known provenance.

The event, supported by the Indian High Commission, Singapore will be part of the Singapore Art Week 2021 from January 22-30. Another feature is that in addition to the Singapore audiences the displays will be assessable to a world wide audience given that this is a virtual exhibition.

This exhibition will be hosted on www.artpodium.com.sg. ARTPODIUM is a Singapore based company established to promote the appreciation of visual arts and to bring together art stakeholders in an endeavor to foster the growth of this medium within Singapore and beyond. Sponsors behind ARTPODIUM have more than 20 years of experience in dealing in art.



1) Akbar Padamsee
2) Arup Das
3) B Prabha
4) Bikash Bhatacharjee
5) F N Souza
6) G R Santosh
7) J Swaminathan
8) Jamini Roy
9) Jogen Choudhury
10) K G Subramanyan
11) K Laxma Goud
12) K H Ara
13) Lalu Shaw
14) Manish Pushkale
15) M F Husain
16) Manu Parekh
17) Neeraj Goswami
18) N S Rana
19) Ramesh Gorjala
20) Ram Kumar
21) Ramkinkar Baij
22) Satish Gujral
23) Sanjay Bhattacharya
24) Seema Kohli
25) S H Raza
26) Sudhir Patwardhan
27) Sunil Das
28) Suhas Roy
29) T Vaikuntam