January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Yeo Workshop: Ode To The Sun, by Citra Sasmita

10 January 202029 February 2020

10 January 2020 - 29 February 2020

Yeo Workshop
Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Road
#01-25, Singapore 109444


Be greeted by the scent of turmeric and herbs when you step in to the gallery, as part of an immersive art piece. Have all your preconceived notions about Balinese art upended as Yeo Workshop presents Ode To The Sun, a solo exhibition by the maverick young Balinese artist Citra Sasmita.

Turmeric is traditionally used for rituals and its bright yellow colour symbolizes the sun, hence giving the exhibition its title. The artist used the spice to write text on the floor as part of her work entitled Prologue. The text is taken from the Kakawin, an ancient Balinese narrative poetry. The scents and text are accompanied by brightly painted traditional Kamasan canvases suspended from the ceiling in a large circular structure.

Consummately utilizing traditional elements that have been selected from the ancient but vibrant cultural legacy of Bali, Sasmita endows her female figures with a powerful agency by portraying them as the heroic protagonists in her paintings. She wishes to trace marginalized narratives of women in particular in Balinese literature, who once played key roles in Balinese society and held influential positions. The themes that frequently recur in her artwork stem from Sasmita’s deeply rooted feminist convictions and her determination to resist what she regards as the overweening patriarchalism of a conservative society.

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