#SEAgalleries – Commonwealth and Council

In your opinion, what makes an ideal art fair for your gallery to participate in? 
The quality of the work and projects is definitely of primary importance. Beyond that and perhaps more important for us is the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and forge or strengthen relationships with people from all parts of the art world ecosystem – not only collectors but also curators, writers, other gallerists and artists. 

What do you hope will come to fruition with your involvement at SEA Focus?
We are excited to engage with the local art scene in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We hope we can start a dialogue where we can share our programme, values, and vision and learn more about the Southeast Asian contemporary art landscape, particularly with those interested in reassessment of art history, minoritarian perspectives, and rigorous research-based practices as our artists are. 

What are your thoughts on Singapore as a backdrop for a boutique art fair?
We believe Singapore presents a dynamic backdrop for a boutique fair. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a melange of cultures and a growing art community. Its unique art community and ecosystem would be best served by a focused, boutique fair.

Image: Gala Porras-Kim, Coptic Textile fragment at the MET reconstruction, 2018, Coloured pencil, acrylic on paper, 122 x 91 cm © Courtesy of the artist and Commonwealth and Council.