#SEAgalleries – CUC Gallery

In your opinion, what makes an ideal art fair for your gallery to participate in? 
An ideal art fair to me, as a gallery, is an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience, and to compare and contrast the gallery and artistic practices from other regions. Also, for my artists to participate with us, it is a competitive challenge and a motivation for them to further improve and provide them with more international exposure and creativity. It is a great learning experience for us both as a gallery and our artists, so we really hope that we can gain as much as we can and improve ourselves in the near future.

What do you hope will come to fruition with your involvement at S.E.A. Focus?
The reason we choose to participate this time is that its focus is on Southeast Asian art and Singapore as a new art and cultural hub will be even more critical compared to the past. Vietnam recently has been experiencing many economic and cultural shifts and developments. We can see the differences and similarities between Southeast Asian countries through art. So as much as we hope, through this special art fair, for the first time, people can really see and understand where we stand and what we represent. 

What are your thoughts on Singapore as a backdrop for a boutique art fair?
As a gallerist, we are really interested in a small-sized art fair as it will be more intimate and people can really get to know us and our artists. With this in mind, we believe Singapore is a good fit for such a boutique art fair. The theme ‘Southeast Asia’ also requires such a deep and thoughtful effort to create a good atmosphere for both participants and audience. I can understand the rationale behind choosing a boutique art fair concept in Singapore. 

Image: Do Hoang Tuong, Black Relationship, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 145 cm © Courtesy of the artist and CUC Gallery.