#SEAgalleries – The Drawing Room

In your opinion, what makes an ideal art fair for your gallery to participate in?
Ideal art fairs should have a high quality of galleries – galleries with a strong vision and consistent exhibitions of great works. They should also have high quality works that present a robust art scene and market. These fairs must be headed by established individuals who have a vision and long-term direction for the fair.

What do you hope will come to fruition with your involvement at S.E.A. Focus?
The Drawing Room had been a part of the Singapore art scene, having spent three years in Gillman Barracks. We want to reconnect with Singapore’s artistic scene and the collectors. We want to contribute to the development of the Singapore art scene through our participation in S.E.A. Focus.

What are your thoughts on Singapore as a backdrop for a boutique art fair?
A boutique art fair with high quality galleries responds to the local arts scene. It provides the collecting public with more space and time to appreciate and experience art, as opposed to the usual large 100 to 150 gallery fairs.

Image: Manuel Ocampo, Difesa Della Natura, 2017, Acrylic on paper, collage, 125 x 91.5 cm © Courtesy of the artist and The Drawing Room.