#SEAinsiders: Santy Saptari

Debuting #SEAinsiders – an introduction to the S.E.A. Focus community, their work, and their contributions to the arts in the region.

Santy Saptari, an art consultant based in Melbourne, Australia, shares with us her thoughts and advice on art collecting:

“In the 21st century, art collecting is more accessible and democratic than ever and there are more diverse reasons for acquiring art… I believe art collecting should be about discovering, connection, story and legacy. Every collection has a unique story to tell and while artworks can certainly decorate your home, you may also fall in love with each artwork’s story that is often unbeknownst to the eye.”

Read Santy’s article ‘Why collect art?’ on her blog, where she will share more tips on how collectors can build a meaningful collection. 

Santy Saptari is an art consultant, curator and writer, formally trained in art and museological studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Reinwardt Academy, the Netherlands. She founded Santy Saptari Art Consulting which offers consultancy services on art and artists from the Asia Pacific region and beyond.