#SEAspotlight: Vietnam – MoT+++ & Vin Gallery

This week we continue our travels to Vietnam, where we take an insider’s tour into the creative spaces of Ho Chi Minh City. 

We chat with Thanh Ha Mourgue d’Algue, founder of MoT+++, a conceptual art space for performance art, experimentation and research that encourages artists to explore the less traditional working methods.

“We are a collective of… artists who try to be here for others. We try to be honest to ourselves — to have an honest voice in the art world.”

Thanh Ha Mourgue d’Algue, founder of MoT+++

MoT+++ places more emphasis on performance art, showing works of a more performative nature and holding residencies for artists who wish to explore this medium. One of the performances held there, Artists Talk, takes a critical look at the prevalence of artist talks in galleries, art fairs, biennales, and so on. Local artists came together and performed monologues inside a closed room, questioning whether anyone is actually listening to these artists talk.

We end our tour at Vin Gallery, which has established an active presence by promoting cross-cultural hybridisation among artists. We take a look at one of their exhibitions, Pham Niem by artist Le Giang. Large plaster casts of temple ruins scattered around the space speak of the fragility of religion and culture, and whether or not it can survive the onslaught of both nature and modern life. 

Image: Aliansyah Caniago and Cam Xanh, Artists Talk, Installation view, MoT+++, 2018 © Courtesy of MoT+++.