S.E.A. Focus returns for its 5th edition from
Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023


An energy-efficient blockchain widely adopted by NFT artists and collectors worldwide, Tezos is an open source and self-upgradeable platform that allows for collaborative innovation in a secure and truly decentralized way. Tezos has become an attractive choice for the diverse, global community of NFT artists, collectors and builders for its Proof of Stake model that enables it to operate with minimal energy consumption and a negligible carbon footprint to its ease of minting and collecting NFTs. The future of art is on the blockchain, and the future of blockchain is on Tezos.

A specially curated NFT showcase will be presented by Tezos at S.E.A. Focus 2022 titled ‘NFTs: The New North Star’ curated by CAWA (Crypto Art Week Asia).