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Tour Bookings

Public Tour Booking

Do you want to learn more about the artworks at S.E.A. Focus 2024?

Join our docents for an insightful and informative tour as they reveal the artists and stories behind the artworks!

Public Tours: 20, 21, 27, 28 January, 4pm – 5pm SGT

Gain more insights about selected artists and artworks from Serial and Massively Parallel in the Public Resource Guide.

School Tour Booking

S.E.A. Focus seeks to enable a unique learning experience for students where they creatively interact with Southeast Asian contemporary art through the discovery of diverse cultures and conversations emanating from Southeast Asia.

School Tours: 22 – 26 January, 2pm – 6pm SGT

The tour can be self-guided with our digital educational resource or by a docent.

For educators and students, learn about the artists and artworks through the Student Resource Pack, an educational guide that introduces thought-provoking questions and concepts on works from Serial and Massively Parallel.