January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Joshua Kane Gomes

Kuala Lumpur / Richard Koh Fine Art

Joshua Kane Gomes (b. 1993, Malaysia) graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2017, where he studied under the Tuition Grant for Art Institutions, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. He is also the recipient of the Cheong Kam Hee Art Prize in 2017. Joshua primarily engages themes of identity and space in his art practice. Documenting his mental processes and states through the art-making process, Joshua peeks into the grey areas between cold rationality and sentimental sensibility. He often works with sculptures and installations that leverage on evoking mood and atmosphere, be it through form or material language. In his current body of work, Joshua focuses on captured moments of vulnerability with a sprinkle of levity, stemmed from the artist’s musings during periods of isolation. The works are the product of time spent lost in thought, wandering his own mindscape, the hazy recollections of sluggish days that blur into one another.

This series of works delve into the dynamics within relationships such as identity, dependency and the validation of self through another, particularly through adoration. These ideas are explored in relation to the mythos of the Wendigo: a Native American spirit said to possess those who have resorted to cannibalism, turning them into gaunt beings that grow in proportion to their last meal, locked into a cruel existence of constant starvation. While morbid in a thematic sense, the works underplay their ghoulish inspirations, hiding behind shades of pastels and innocuous expressions, a meld of grim visions alongside dreamlike delirium.

Joshua Kane Gomes will be presenting his works at Richard Koh Fine Art.